Detection & Fire Suppression


Minimal impact,

maximum protection

Sustainable Fire Protection for enclosures. ExxFire products integrate fire detection and suppression through non-pressurized nitrogen stored in innovative generators. The range of applications is very broad, from securing objects, including various switchgear and ICT cabinets, until Battery Energy Storage Systems and high-voltage cabinets. ExxFire technology is dedicated to protect high-end equipment close to potential fire sources in any kind of situation.

Fire Suppression Systems for Cabinets, Server Racks and many other Small Enclosures

Object protection, securing high-value equipment close to

the potential source of fire. Aspirating fire detection combined with

non-pressurized nitrogen fire suppression. Systems designed to protect closed server-racks and electrical cabinets up to a volume of 4.5 m3. Several units can be interconnected up to a total of 8pcs in order to protect larger volumes.

Tested and certified by CNPP, Vernon - France.


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