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Based on the security requirements of your application, you might need to detect the early stages of a fire, which is smoke, or detecting an increase on temperature, based on heat, it might already be enough. In any case, ExxFire is providing you a sustainable, clean and user-friendly solution to your business safety needs.

ExxFire provides advanced, safe, and environmentally friendly fire protection, ensuring uninterrupted operations and maintaining operational integrity — elements that are crucial in an era where timely processing and protection are imperative in every industry.

Why protecting your equipment with ExxFire?


Safety and security are of the utmost importance nowadays. Our solution protects your assets to ensure business continuity without any lost.


ExxFire is highly committed to the environment, contributing to the reduction of Global Warming, thanks to our environmentally friendly technology based on a clean agent inert gas.


No specific certification is required to install the pre-engineered ExxFire systems. All indications are perfectly and clearly provided in our user manual.


Once the ExxFire unit has been installed, all you have to do is replacing the air filter once a year and the battery once every four years.


Our systems are designed to be implemented either in the inside or at the exterior of the cabinet, offering different multiple mounting configurations to allow the maximum set-up flexibility.


ExxFire experts Team will be more than happy to assist you with the installation of the systems, and also with any after-sales support you might require.

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