Redefining the Future of Fire Suppression

PFAS-Free fire protection for business continuity

Fire protection close to the source to minimize down-time is essential. Research has shown that more than 50% of companies faced severe losses or even bankruptcy after critical IT hardware failure.

Unfortunately, fire can be one of the main causes for down-time of critical hardware and loss of data. Critical operating resources such as IT racks, electrical switching and power distribution cabinets, between others, need protection against the threat of fire.

The innovative environmentally friendly products of ExxFire protect these systems against fire through early smoke detection and suppression, preventing large damage to the hardware, limiting down-time and safe guarding continuity of your business at the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), due to its easy installation and low maintenance. This level of fire protection will contribute to higher business continuity and lower downtime in case of fire starting inside mission critical equipment.

We take care of your business by guaranteeing the continuity of your working processes.

Tested extensively by CNPP France and DMT, Dortmund Germany part TÜV Nord.

(source: HDI-Gerling)

Fire Suppression Systems for Cabinets, Server Racks and many other Small Enclosures

Object protection, securing high-value equipment close to

the potential source of fire. Aspirating fire detection combined with

non-pressurized nitrogen fire suppression. Systems designed to protect closed server-racks and electrical cabinets up to a volume of 4.5 m3. Several units can be interconnected up to a total of 8pcs in order to protect larger volumes.

Tested and certified by CNPP, Vernon - France.

ExxFire starts pilot production in Chemport Innovation Center

11/23/2022 - On Wednesday Deputy IJzebrand Rijzebol of the province of Groningen performed the festive opening of the Chemport Innovation Center (CIC). At the same time, the first tenant, ExxFire, was welcomed. The Chemport Innovation Center offers plenty of space for upscaling, innovation,

demonstration and continued growth of industrial activity. It is

therefore an important link in the cycle of industrial start-ups...


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