High Voltage


A must for high power cabinets

In this technologically advanced landscape, to provide a fire safety solution for high voltage cabinets is essential. A critical component of their infrastructure is robust fire suppression systems, where the ExxFire system demonstrates its critical value. The non-pressurized nitrogen gas system of ExxFire is precisely engineered for these environments, offering superior protection for sensitive equipment. Beyond just fire protection, ExxFire is pivotal in early fire detection and suppression, thus preventing extensive damage to high-value hardware and ensuring operational continuity.

Other ExxFire Applications

Discover further application´s fields where the ExxFire units can protect high-value objects against fire.

Securing Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) means preventing a fire that cannot be stopped. This is essential to facilitate a safe energy transition into renewable energy in our day to day life.
Simple integration into existing systems that can be individually adapted to your requirements. Our solutions offer easy integration into existing systems in different industry sectors with multiple challenges and requirements.
In the digital era, edge computing is critical. This requires robust data protection in micro data centers, now integral to businesses, cities, and offices increasingly reliant on AI, IoT, and Big Data. ExxFire plays an essential role in this landscape.

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