Industrial Manufacturing

Our solution for high demanding industrial applications

Robotics in the production line are steered from multiple cabinets with PLC's. These mission critical and highly valuable cabinets need protection against fire at preferably an early stage, limiting the damage to the cabinet. By installing the ExxFire systems with aspiration detection the fire will be detected in a very early stage. This will limit the consequential damage of the fire dramatically. The nitrogen fire suppressant at ambient temperature leaves no damage after extinguishing and the faulty components can be replaced without rebuilding the complete cabinet, limiting the downtime of the production line.

Other ExxFire Applications

Discover further application´s fields where the ExxFire units can protect high-value objects against fire.

Securing Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) means preventing a fire that cannot be stopped. This is essential to facilitate a safe energy transition into renewable energy in our day to day life.
Simple integration into existing systems that can be individually adapted to your requirements. Our solutions offer easy integration into existing systems in different industry sectors with multiple challenges and requirements.
In the digital era, edge computing is critical. This requires robust data protection in micro data centers, now integral to businesses, cities, and offices increasingly reliant on AI, IoT, and Big Data. ExxFire plays an essential role in this landscape.

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