Cool Gas Generator, the core of our Technology

The patented Cool Gas Generator technology was originally developed for aerospace applications. It contains unique features, including a solid propellant with a reliable initiator, originally applied in automotive industry. This principle secures rapid release of inert gas N2 into the protected enclosed area, exactly when you will need it. The precision engineered IP67 housing will keep the propellant – inside the Cool Gas Generator – in optimal shape for at least 10 years. It will also keep the decomposition residue safe and confined after activation of the Cool Gas Generator. Simply remove the device after use, return it to ExxFire, and install a new Cool Gas Generator in your ExxFire suppression system.

Cool Gas Generator - Operating Principle

The ExxFire Cool Gas Generator contains a solid state propellant, capable of producing 0.9 kg N2 gas in approximately 40 seconds after initiating a chemical reaction. This principle allows storage of N2 at zero pressure, keeping maintenance at a very low level for a guaranteed period of 10 years. 

At ambient temperature, 0.9 kg N2 will secure a 1.5 m3 object. The gas is clean and released at low pressure and low noise levels (<99 dB when silencer is installed). As a result, no collateral damage to your equipment will be caused.

This robust and rigorously tested space technology is now available for fire suppression applications.

Applications of ExxFire technology

Discover some of the application fields where integrated ExxFire units can protect high-value objects against fire.

Securing Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) means preventing a fire that cannot be stopped. This is essential to facilitate a safe energy transition into renewable energy in our day to day life.
Simple integration into existing systems that can be individually adapted to your requirements. Our solutions offer easy integration into existing systems in different industry sectors with multiple challenges and requirements.
In the digital era, edge computing is critical. This requires robust data protection in micro data centers, now integral to businesses, cities, and offices increasingly reliant on AI, IoT, and Big Data. ExxFire plays an essential role in this landscape.

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