Edge Computing & Micro Data Centers

The role of ExxFire in enhancing data protection

In the digital era, edge computing is critical. It processes data near its source,

reducing latency and enhancing decision-making. This requires robust data protection in micro data centers, now integral to businesses, cities, and

offices increasingly reliant on AI, IoT, and Big Data.

ExxFire plays an essential role in this landscape. Its non-pressurized nitrogen gas

system, specifically designed for micro data centers, provides superior fire

protection without harming sensitive equipment. This system is not just about

fire suppression; it's crucial for early detection, preventing extensive hardware damage and ensuring operational continuity.

This approach, using cool nitrogen to lower oxygen levels and extinguish fires, is ideal for these compact, tech-heavy environments. ExxFire's system is seamless to integrate and maintain, making it a preferred choice for space-limited settings.

Other ExxFire Applications

Discover further application´s fields where the ExxFire units can protect high-value objects against fire.

Robotics in the production line are steered from multiple cabinets with PLC's. These mission critical and highly valuable cabinets need protection against fire at an early stage, limiting the damage to the cabinet. The aspiration detection combined with the effective fire suppression of ExxFire units guarantee this.
A completely necessary component of the infrastructure of high voltage cabinets is robust fire suppression systems, where the ExxFire system demonstrates its critical value. The non-pressurized nitrogen gas system of ExxFire is precisely engineered for these environments.
Protection against interruptions is essential because the immediate energy supply is at stake. Our solutions are suitable for protecting against outages in production or hydrogen refueling systems, wind turbine converter stations and control cabinet technology for photovoltaic systems and biomass, wherever uninterrupted operation is essential.

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