Reference Projects

Erasmus University Medical Center Rotterdam

Erasmus MC in Rotterdam is leading the way both

medically and technically. As a fire safety partner, Siemens recently equipped two rooms containing 17 high-voltage distribution cabinets and 2 UPS cabinets with object extinguishing from ExxFire. All to ensure business continuity and the safety of patients and staff.

Hielkema Test Equipment B.V.

At the University of Eindhoven Lithium-Ion batteries are being tested in climate chambers, all secured against thermal runaway by using off-gas detection with Siemens FDA241 in combination with ExxFire non-pressurized nitrogen gas. This is the most reliable and innovative safety concept preventing Lithium-Ion fires.


Japanese paint manufacturer Chugoku Paints BV opts for the ExxFire object fire protection solution to protect company critical processes by protecting also the fire alarm and extinguishing panel of the gaseous fire protection system. Due to the professional working relationship and the uniformity in systems Chugoku Paints BV trusts ExxFire as their fire safety partner. This fully integrated system steers not only the ExxFire but also the lightfoam, CAFS, 8 ProInert gaseous suppression installations and a FM-200 installation for the server room.


As Europe's center of excellence for satellite operation, ESOC is home to the engineering teams that control spacecraft in orbit, manage the global tracking station network, and design and build the systems on the ground that support missions in space. Since 1967, more than 70 satellites belonging to ESA and its partners have been successfully controlled from Darmstadt, Germany. Just after lift-off, during the critical Launch and Early Orbit Phase (LEOP), ESOC engineers assume control of a new spacecraft, working around the clock to activate crucial onboard systems and ensure the spacecraft’s health in the extreme environment of space.

Aperam, Luxembourg

Aperam is global leader in the aluminium industry. Business continuity is the key factor. We would like to thank our client APERAM S&S Luxembourg for their trust, as well as all our teams for their work. This compact detection and extinguishing solution is especially effective on this type of risk. It allows reliable and rapid protection of production tools without creating additional damage in the event of a fire. ExxFire uses an innovative suction detection system coupled with gas extinction (nitrogen) at room temperature and without generating overpressure. We invite you to consult our dedicated page or our teams for more details.

Why protecting your equipment with ExxFire?


Safety and security are of the utmost importance nowadays. Our solution protects your assets to ensure business continuity without any lost.


ExxFire is highly committed to the environment, contributing to the reduction of Global Warming, thanks to our environmentally friendly technology based on a clean agent inert gas.


No specific certification is required to install the pre-engineered ExxFire systems. All indications are perfectly and clearly provided in our user manual.


Once the ExxFire unit has been installed, all you have to do is replacing the air filter once a year and the battery once every four years.


Our systems are designed to be implemented either in the inside or at the exterior of the cabinet, offering different multiple mounting configurations to allow the maximum set-up flexibility.


ExxFire experts Team will be more than happy to assist you with the installation of the systems, and also with any after-sales support you might require.

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