Customized Solutions

for Specific

Object Fire Protection

ExxFire listen to your needs

Simple integration into existing systems that can be individually adapted to your requirements. Our solutions are specially tailored to the needs of IT and control cabinet technology and offer simple integration into existing systems in many various industry sectors with multiple different requirements and challenges.

You can rely on ExxFire's many years of experience and expertise in the field of fire protection technology to help you find the optimum solution for your specific requirements. With ExxFire, you can count on a reliable and effective fire protection solution.

Other ExxFire Applications

Discover further application´s fields where the ExxFire units can protect high-value objects against fire.

Robotics in the production line are steered from multiple cabinets with PLC's. These mission critical and highly valuable cabinets need protection against fire at an early stage, limiting the damage to the cabinet. The aspiration detection combined with the effective fire suppression of ExxFire units guarantee this.
A completely necessary component of the infrastructure of high voltage cabinets is robust fire suppression systems, where the ExxFire system demonstrates its critical value. The non-pressurized nitrogen gas system of ExxFire is precisely engineered for these environments.
Protection against interruptions is essential because the immediate energy supply is at stake. Our solutions are suitable for protecting against outages in production or hydrogen refueling systems, wind turbine converter stations and control cabinet technology for photovoltaic systems and biomass, wherever uninterrupted operation is essential.

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