Extinctium B.V. collaboration with ExxFire B.V.

29/05/2024 - We are delighted to announce a new strategic partnership between ExxFire B.V. and Extinctium B.V. Extinctium (formerly Sonatech, part of the DEF Group) is a supplier/installer of automatic detection and extinguishing gas systems for business critical areas, which are defined as segments that are essential to business operations, such as server- and technical rooms (e.g. MCC, HS, LS rooms). These spaces are currently 99.9% being equipped with fast detection in combination with a fire extinguishing gas system, which is safe for humans, animals and products: Extinctium IG55 (inert gas mixture based on 50% Nitrogen (N₂) and 50% Argon (Ar)). For important electrical cabinets that are located throughout a large production hall, room extinguishing is not a solution, likewise for a single important electrical cabinet in a room. For cabinet extinguishing these electrical cabinets must be airtight. In order to solve this problem, Extinctium have joined forces with ExxFire.

Server- and technical cabinets´ openings are actually sufficient to allow the extinguishing gas (nitrogen) to enter into the cabinet.

If cabinets are closed, then a “stand-alone” cabinet extinguishing system based on extinguishing only with N₂ will be enough: pressureless generators, which upon activation will produce only N₂ and blow the required gas amount into the cabinet. The detection system consists of a smoke aspiration system based on 3 extremely sensitive smoke detectors. The Cool Gas Generator will be activated based on a 2 detector dependency. An ideal solution for manufacturing companies with a wide variety of cabinets located over large spaces.

ExxFire offers a PFAS-Free extinguishing gas system. This green solution suits perfectly Extinctium´s needs and core values. No CO₂ or aerosol is involved, but extinguishing purely with N₂. The compact solution can be placed on top, on the side, or inside the cabinets. Server or electrical cabinets up to a volume of 4.5m³ can be protected.

We are confident that this partnership will open the way for innovative solutions and exceptional growth. Stay tuned for exciting updates and new initiatives as we embark on this journey together!

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