ExxFire-2250 CNF Fire Suppression system

Integrated smoke detection and fire suppression system for small enclosures up to 4.5 m3. Possible to interconnect up to 8x units for a protected total volume of 36 m3.

Aspiration detection

The three optical sensors are the most sensitive smoke detectors in the market. Our Votexx software combines the readings of each detector and optimise them to prevent false alarms. An electrical fan samples the air continuously from the protected volume, providing fast smoke detection.

Non-pressurized nitrogen gas storage technology

The system provides 3 Cool Gas Generators capable of producing 750 l or 0.9 kg of nitrogen each, at ambient temperature to secure 4.5 m3 or 159 ft3. The low pressure and low noise level gas output does not interfere with the integrity of the IT equipment. This type of gas storage is maintenance free with a shelve life of 10 years.

Flexible user interface

The User Interface shows full system status, fault codes, mute and disable. The User Interface can be placed on 3 positions on the system to provide optimal access.

Main Features

Protected Volume: 4.5 m3

Weight: 38 kg

Dimensions: 580x443x165 mm

Gas mass (volume): 2.7 kg / 2250 l

Number of Cool Gas Generators needed: 3

ExxFire-2250 CNF
Footprint; height

580x443x165 mm (22.9x17.1x6.5 inch)


38 kg (84 lbs)

Protected Volume

4.5 m3

Gas Mass (Volume)

2.7 kg (2250 l)

Output Pressure

3-5 bar

Back-Up Power

12 h (Battery lifetime: 4 years)

Operating Temperature

0-54 ºC (32-129 ºF)

Number of Generators


Lifetime Generator

10 years

Design Concentration

% = 40.3 Class A

% = 45.2 Higher hazard Class A

Protection Rating




Obscuration Levels

%Obsc./M = Pre-Alarm-Fire

Low 1.68-3.12-3.52

Norm 1.36-2.32-2.72

High 1.12-1.52-1.92

Clean 0.72-0.96-1.20

Voltage (mains)

V = 110/230 AC

ADR classification

CLASS UN-USED = 9, UN 3268

CLASS USED = 9, UN3363 (exempt)

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Choose the right mounting kit for your application! Depending on the how the ExxFire unit should be installed, we have different mounting kits available.

Squib Simulator

Routine preventive maintenance is highly advised. The Squib Simulator enables essential testing of the Cool Gas Generator activation and supports design simulation testing for smoke detection and system activation. This tool ensures system efficiency and safety without the need for actual deployment.
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