Non-pressurized Nitrogen gas storage technology 20 m3 / 706 ft3 available from 2024 in fire suppression systems

Non-Pressurized Nitrogen

Non-Pressurized Nitrogen

The generator is electrically initiated by an airbag squib. It needs 1 Amp current for a couple of milli seconds, then a booster starts the decomposition of the grain. The used chemical grain content will stay inside the generator and only the Nitrogen gas is released.
Maintenance free

Maintenance free

This gas storage technology is completely maintenance free. The fixed chemical grain is stable and cannot leak. It contains mainly Sodium Azide, binders and coolants.
Easy transportable and long shelf life

Easy transportable and long shelf life

The generator has a shelf life of 10 years without any maintenance. The unused generators have transport classification ADR class 9 and are air-freight transportable as UN 3268 cat. 4. The used generator is exempt from ADR as Class 9 UN3363.
No ODP, GWP or Residue

No ODP, GWP or Residue

Using Nitrogen as fire suppressant means No Ozone Depletion, No Global Warming Potential and No corrosive Residues to clean up. The used generator will be recycled in a controlled manner as chemical waste.
Nitrogen at ambient temperature

Nitrogen at ambient temperature

The chemical decomposition is an exothermic reaction and releases the gas at ambient temperature + 10°C. The generator will become 130°C/266°F after deployment and needs 4 hours to cool down. The Generator has passed several ATEX tests.
Low gas release pressure

Low gas release pressure

The release pressure of the Nitrogen gas has been measured to a maximum of 5 bar. The pressure inside the generator can come up to 45 bar at an operating temperature of 65°C/149°F. The generator housing is IP67 before and after usage.
Low noise level

Low noise level

Due to the low pressure gas release, the noise level of the gas flow will remain well below 127dB. All systems can be installed with a silencer which lowers the sound level to <99dB

Technical specifications GEN12N2


MM = 750x250


KG = 77.5

Extinguishing Agent

N2 = Nitrogen

Gas Mass (volume)

KG = 12
L = 12000

Output Pressure

BAR = 5-10


CLASS UN-USED = 9, UN 3268
CLASS USED = 9, UN 3363 (Exempt)

Protection Rating



AMP = 1.2
T = 10 mSec

Lifetime Generator

YRS = 10

Operating Temperature Range

°C = -5 to 55
°F = 23 to 131

Generator temperature

°C = 130
°F = 266 Max. Temp after gas release

Cooling down period

HRS = 4

Gas release time

Time = 40 sec