EXXFIRE TW (linear heat detection) - 1.5m3 to 27m3 / 53ft3 to 953ft3

Linear heat detection combined with non-pressurized nitrogen fire suppression. A system designed to protect closed server racks, electrical
cabinets and machines up to a volume of 9m3 to 27mor 53ft3 to 953ft3(up to 6 interconnected systems possible). Tested extensively by DMT, Dortmund Germany part TüV Nord. Object protection, securing business critical equipment close to the potential source of fire. This level of fire protection will contribute to higher business continuity and prevent fire from spreading in case of a fire incident. Easy installation and no maintenance will contribute to the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the market. 

Fire protection for closed cabinets and machines

Fire protection for closed cabinets and machines

Smart easy to install, maintenance free system for any type of cabinet or machine that needs protection against fire. With object protection you prevent the fire from starting small and spreading across the whole building, potentially terminating your business.
Non-Pressurized Nitrogen

Non-Pressurized Nitrogen

Pressureless stored Nitrogen in a fixed chemical block. 1 Cool Gas Generator is capable of producing 0.9KG of Nitrogen at ambient temperature securing 1.5m3 or 53ft3. The low pressure and low noise level gas output (with silencer <99 Db) does not interfere with the integrity of the equipment. This type of gas storage is maintenance free with a shelve life of 10 years.
Linear heat detection cable

Linear heat detection cable

The linear heat detection cable can be installed easily through the protected volume. The cable melts at 70°C/158°F or 105°C/221°F providing fast fire detection.
Dry Relay Contacts

Dry Relay Contacts

The EXXFIRE TW has dry NO/NC relay contacts for FAULT and ALARM state. You can hard wire these relays to any type of cabinet management system or fire alarm panel.
Local application

Local application

CNC machines are mission critical and highly valuable assets and need protection against fire at preferably an early stage, limiting the damage to the machine and production line.
Easy to install

Easy to install

The EXXFIRE TW can be build outside the machine or cabinet. Any orientation is possible depending on the location.
Mounting Kit

Mounting Kit

An easy mounting bracket is available to install up to 3 generators in one system. The kit contains linear heat detection cable (10m), gas dispersion pipes, couplings, disconnecting tool, grommets, door warning sticker and optional a silencer.

Technical specifications TW


750= 303x443x165 mm
1500= 418x443x165 mm
2250= 580x443x165 mm


750= 10kg / 22lbs
1500= 18kg / 39lbs
2250= 25kg / 55lbs

Extinguishing Agent

N2 = Nitrogen

Gas Mass

750= 0.9kg / 1.98lbs
1500= 1.8kg / 3.96lbs
2250= 2.7kg / 5.95lbs

Protected Volume

750= 1.5m3 / 53ft3 (Class A)
1500= 3.0m3 / 106ft3 (Class A
2250= 4.5m3 / 159ft3 (Class A)

Design Concentration

40.3 % = Class A
45.2 % = Higher hazard Class A
47.6 % = Class B

Output Pressure

BAR = 3-5


CLASS UN-USED = 9, UN 3268
CLASS USED = 9, UN3363 (exempt)

Protection Rating


Voltage (mains)

V = 110/230AC

Back-up Power

HRS = 12
YRS = 4

Lifetime Generator

YRS = 10

Operating Temperature Range

°C = 0 to 54
°F = 32 to 129

Gas output noise level

Without silencer < 127 dB
With silencer < 99 dB (optional)

Thermal wire detection

68 °C - 154 °F
104 °C - 219 °F


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