A distinction is made in several 'grades' of hazards, so that one can transport less of the most hazardous goods and more of the less hazardous goods. 

The 1000-points table is included in the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods (ADR) and arranges a number of exemptions for obligations of the ADR when dangerous goods are transported in (relatively) small amounts.


The EXXFIRE gas generator before usage is classified as UN 3268 of Class 9 and is included in transport category 4: ‘unlimited’. This means that there are no limits on the mass of the generator. So one can take as many generators in an ordinary (person) vehicle that will fit in the car.


Some ADR requirements still apply:

  • de products shall be packaged in UN approved packagings,
  • transport documents need be present in the vehicle; state on the document that the transport complies with paragraph of ADR 
  • the vehicle needs to have a fire extinguisher (classes A, B and C) of at least 2 kg dry powder.

The EXXFIRE generator after usage is considered Flammable when wet and is classified UN 3543 of Class 4.3, and shall be returned in the original packaging.

Transport Classification before usage


Transport Classification after usage