Euralarm welcomes ExxFire as new member

24/07/2023 - ExxFire joins Euralarm as a new member

Following a decision of its Board, Euralarm has welcomed ExxFire as new member. The company will join the Extinguishing Section of Euralarm which activities cover automatic extinguishing systems using gas, water, foam, powder and aerosols, oxygen reduction systems, portable equipment and other manual means of fire-fighting as well as fire-fighting agents used in either fixed automatic systems or in portable equipment.

ExxFire (Noordwijk, the Netherlands) will now benefit from Euralarm’s services in terms of representation towards European institutions and standardisation organisations. This includes the monitoring of legislative and standardisation issues relevant to the industry, such as the energy transition and chemicals regulation. ExxFire will have access to the extended network of national associations and major companies in the electronic fire safety and security sectors, which form Euralarm’s members. The new membership will create opportunities for both sides, as it also strengthens the association.

EXXFIRE starts production in Chemport Innovation Center

11/23/2022 - Exxfire starts production at Chemport Innovation Center

On Wednesday Deputy IJzebrand Rijzebol of the province of Groningen performed the festive opening of the Chemport Innovation Center (CIC). At the same time, the first tenant, ExxFire, was welcomed. The Chemport Innovation Center offers plenty of space for upscaling, innovation, demonstration and continued growth of industrial activity. It is therefore an important link in the cycle of industrial start-ups. The old factory on the Groningen Seaports industrial estate in Delfzijl, where the CIC is located, is undergoing a total metamorphosis. The first tenant, ExxFire, signed the lease today. ExxFire is developing a revolutionary method to make valuable spaces fire-safe using unpressurised gas. “Think of critical IT racks in data centers, archives, electrical installations, museums, libraries, depots. Wherever extinguishing water may cause more damage than the fire itself, we offer a solution,” says CEO Harm Botter. ExxFire developed the technology on a lab scale on the Zernike Campus in recent years and is now ready for the upscaling and the jump to the market. The company now has a hall and an office at its disposal in the CIC for this purpose. “There are exactly the facilities we need now to innovate further and to start producing in the long term,” says commercial director Edwin Verver. provincial grant Such a place where the next phase in the process of industrial start-ups takes shape was still lacking in the Northern Netherlands. In the CIC, start-ups that further develop and scale up their technology can jointly use the facilities, which makes a significant difference in costs. More start-ups are already showing interest. Companies that establish themselves in the CIC are eligible for a subsidy from the province of Groningen. ExxFire receives a contribution of 50,000 euros for the furnishing costs, as deputy Rijzebol announced. “The Chemport Innovation Center has a bright future ahead. After ExxFire, more companies will soon follow that will use this test location as a springboard for new products to the market.” Green and sustainable ExxFire fits exactly within the frameworks that Chemport Europe sets for tenants of the CIC: innovative, applicable to demonstration and upscaling, and sustainable. “The starting point is that the companies here contribute to the greening of the industry,” says Cas König, CEO of Groningen Seaports. “That is also in our interest. We need to go green and we really need innovative initiatives to do that.” 

Compact extinguishing system protects control of cable cars

08/17/2022 - Exxfire can detect incipient fires within a predefined protection area and extinguish them immediately.

d&d Brandschutzsysteme offers a fire protection solution for cable car control cabinets. In order for the time on a hiking or skiing holiday to be enjoyed to the fullest, a lot of preparation is required in the background. Slopes and paths are groomed so that everything runs smoothly. Another important point in terms of safety is the protection of the cable car stations on the mountain and in the valley.

Protect cable car technology from fire "Since the operation of the cable cars in the holiday areas involves technical devices, they must of course be optimally protected, tested and maintained - especially in terms of fire protection," explains Ilija Divkovic, Managing Director of d&d Brandschutzsysteme GmbH. "The heart of every cable car is the drive," adds Divkovic, adding that controls and electrical components are basically responsible for ensuring that tourists can be transported smoothly from A to B with the cable cars. Wherever technical parts are housed, however, heat can develop or technical defects can occur in an emergency - especially during peak periods. It is therefore important to exercise caution and take suitable measures to protect the electronics at an early stage. Since the publication of DIN EN 17064 "Safety requirements for cable cars for passenger transport - fire prevention and firefighting" in 2019, operators have also been given a specification that describes the basic rules for fire protection in cable cars. This also includes the note that attention must be paid to the functionality of the electrotechnical equipment such as control equipment.

There are advantages for the operators of mountain and valley stations: The system offers a high degree of safety in the operation of cable cars and is a cost-effective solution in terms of acquisition and maintenance.



Lithium-Ion Testing facility secured with Siemens and ExxFire

At the University of Leuven in Belgium are Lithium Ion batteries being put to the test in climate chambers of Hielkema Testequipment. These climate chambers are all secured against thermal runaway using off-gas detection with Siemens FDA241 in combination with ExxFire pressureless Nitrogen gas. This is the only certified safety concept in the world preventing Lithium Ion fires.



Reference installation at Aperam in Luxembourg

Aperam is global leader in the aluminium industry. Business continuity is the key factor. We are pleased to announce our first installation with our electrical cabinet protection solution: Exxfire! We would like to thank our client APERAM S&S Luxembourg for their trust, as well as all our teams for their work. This compact detection and extinguishing solution is especially effective on this type of risk. It allows reliable and rapid protection of production tools without creating additional damage in the event of a fire. ExxFire uses an innovative suction detection system coupled with gas extinction (Nitrogen) at room temperature and without generating overpressure. We invite you to consult our dedicated page or our teams for more details



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